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Children engaged in activities in the Sensory and Cultural areas

Testimonials from parents

My daughter settled quickly at Elizabeth Montessori. In weeks her drawing and writing skills and come on in leaps and bounds. She was able to make friends and was also encouraged to play with all the children equally. She eats well and is always happy at the end of the day. Telling us stories about what she has done including drama and French class. She has started to use phonics and recognise letters. Each day she comes home with artwork, coloured maps, sewing and cutting practice. This is the perfect environment pre-school.

Caitlin M, February 2018

My daughter has attended Elizabeth's Montessori for a year and a half. The staff are very knowledgeable and take great care over the children. There is a strong focus on developing independence and my child has made great progress across the curriculum. She enjoys going into nursery in the mornings and is always engaged and happy when I pick her up. The staff are brilliant at listening to and supporting parents as well. As a teacher myself, I am thrilled to have found such a nurturing child-centred nursery.

Kimberley C, February 2018

My daughter has been attending for the past 2 years where we've seen her develop into a confident girl with good manners and a thirst to learn/ask new questions etc. Elizabeth Montessori has helped her with her writing, numbers, reading and helped grow her interest outdoor activities. The staff are supportive and encouraging. It's like a family.

D C, February 2018

My twin girls were enrolled quite late into Liz's Montessori Nursery - they were 3 years 3 months. Prior to attending Montessori they had only been looked after by myself, my husband, my mum and a nanny. They therefore had received lots of nurture but not much structure. They stayed at Liz's Montessori for 1 year 8 months, leaving only to attend Reception. I cannot tell you how much they grew and developed in that time. They arrived only being able to doodle and left being able to draw pictures of families, rainbows, fish, birds, shooting stars and numerous other objects.  They can also now write their own names confidently as well as being able to write all the letters of the alphabet. They arrived knowing basic numbers and left being about to count to a hundred, writing numbers 1-20 and doing basic sums on a calculator. They also now know their countries, planets and flags. They have learnt to complete tasks, to listen, to take turns and to help look after others. I have loved the structure Montessori provides. The children have set learning topics each week and they are encouraged to learn through play and fun tasks. Their imagination and creativity have been really stretched. I have been impressed with the exposure the children get to classic and abstract works of art, their participation in cooking and that they get to play outside, making the most of their outside space and the two parks nearby. Liz's Montessori has enabled my children to be confident, sociable and accepting of challenges for which i will be forever grateful.

Evie and Amelia Bullen, August 2017

Since going to Elizabeth's Montessori, my son's independence and confidence and has grown in leaps and bounds. With a new baby brother around, it gives him the attention and space to develop his social skills and he really enjoys the variety of activities on offer to him such as art and baking.

Sarah Godwin, August 2015

We want to thank you for our daughter's wonderful time with you, now she is moving on to 'big school'.  She started out a bit shy, but she now skips in to nursery every morning, talking about who she will see and what work she might do. At the end of her nursery day she comes out brimming with happiness and chat about what she did. The Montessori environment has helped her develop her curiosity, independence and self-confidence, and she is proud of her achievements. We are always impressed with the artwork and baking that the children bring home! Above all, though, the thing that stands out for us, as parents, about Elizabeth's Montessori is the caring and nurturing staff. It's immensely comforting to know that both of our children are in good hands, with teachers who have taken the time and trouble to get to know them well.

Deirdre Ferrier, August 2015

My son attended Elizabeth's Montessori for just over a year before we moved to Woking. He was 2.5 when he started and at that time he suffered from chronic eczema and multiple allergies. I had my doubts as to whether a nursery environment would be able to give him the care and attention he needed but Liz quickly dispelled my concerns and gave me the reassurance I needed and indeed they did a great job managing his eczema and the allergies. The staff made a conscious effort to ensure he never felt excluded. For example, if they were doing baking with the children they bought rice flour especially for him instead of wheat flour so he could join in the fun and always made sure the lines of communication were open with me regarding any changes in his diet.  My son thrived in the environment under the guidance of his teachers (especially his key worker, Niki, who is wonderful with the children and a clear advocate of the Montessori approach). He was encouraged to be independent, creative and to express himself. Wherever we go people now comment on how well mannered, confident and chatty he is and I largely put that down to the excellent foundation he received at Elizabeth's Montessori. It prides itself on the quality and the qualifications of its staff, who are well equipped to develop small minds and help them grow. Highly recommended!

Rehana Alani, August 2015

My daughter has been attending Elizabeth’s Montessori Nursery for almost 18 months now and she absolutely loves it. She has gone from being a shy and quiet little girl to being full of confidence. The setting is great as it allows the children to mix so the younger ones benefit from being around the older ones and the older children are able to develop good caring and empathy skills. My daughter is benefitting greatly from the Montessori way of learning and it clearly shows in the things she is able to do independently and the knowledge she imparts on a daily basis! My daughter has had the same key worker since she joined the nursery and she has become an important person in her life.

Kellie Potts, August 2015

We just wanted to say thank you for giving our daughter the most wonderful 2 years of nursery she could have had. The amount of work, love and commitment you all have is so heart warming to see and she is really, really going to miss being there with you. An extra special thank you for the amazing support during and after she came out of hospital, especially in helping us a family get through this time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as the best nursery education for the Early Years, as I have seen both my children flourish and get set up for ‘big school’ life.

Tarika and Paul, August 2015

Please can we say a huge thank you to you and your staff for all the hard work, effort, love and support you have given to my child. We have seen a remarkable change in his personality, showing a more caring and understanding child. We feel his development has progressed rapidly being at your nursery. Please say a massive thank you to everyone for making our child’s first learning experience so special. We won’t ever forget it.

Kelly and Dan Hart, January 2015

Seeing our child “performing” at the Christmas Medley absolutely made our year. He was so happy and confident. I was very proud of him. We wanted to say a big thank you for looking after our baby and clearly making him feel so safe and secure. It means the world to us to know he is happy and the role you all play in that is very significant.

Amy and Dave Morgan, December 2014

'Mummy, I want to go to the nursery'. This is the exact word my 2.5 year old daughter, Kara, says to me every night before she goes to bed since she had settled in the Elizabeth Montessori Nursery September this year. She talks through the people she comes in contact with in the nursery especially Liz, Nikki, James and Tracy. She has grown to be so confident and aware of her surroundings. Being the second child (normally infamous as the attention seeker ;)) she now learns to express herself properly, politely and with full awareness (no more screaming and crying, yes!). I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  For the record, she has only started this positive transformation within a month in the nursery.

I have had to transfer Kara from a really good nursery due to logistic commitments for my eldest daughter (moving into reception class from another private nursery).  Transferring Kara into the Elizabeth Montessori Nursery is the best decision I have ever made for her.  While chatting with Elizabeth yesterday, I told her my only regret is that my eldest didn't have a chance to experience this wonderful journey of discovery herself in a safe, supportive and family-like environment which Kara is fortunate enough to have.

Everyone in the nursery has been really fantastic to us, from the settling-in day and in our day-to-day communication. Forget about the baby book that most nurseries present you with (which most often feel like they have been forced to brief the parents at the end of the day). Elizabeth Montessori Nursery provides you invaluable insights into your child's world - the secret passageway to how they think and behave. The team help us, as parents, to work together with our child and encourage them to be connected to the world.  Most importantly, to also have fun!

I could probably go on forever. I think I should stop now.  Kara still think of her little hamster and ask if we could have one at home. (We have the privilege to bring back the Syrian hamster from the nursery over a long weekend!)

Kareen Tan, October 2015

Children engaged in activities in the Sensory and Cultural areas
Children exploring numbers and shapes
Children exploring the globe in the Sensory Area
Children exploring the globe in the Sensory Area
Children exploring the globe in the Sensory Area

Children exploring numbers and shapes

Children exploring the globe in the Sensory Area

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Outside play areas
Outside play areas

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