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Staff profiles

An introduction to EMNL Staff profiles

Our staff profiles are the most interesting aspect of the nursery to you our prospective parents. Clearly the more qualified and interesting our staff’s the more attractive to you is EMNL. We know that demonstrating a decent list of qualifications is important as it gains trust. Specific staff member’s area’s of expertise shows the diversity of roles in EMNL, and their emphasis in the teaching and learning environment. Our staff member’s educational history gives proof of their experience and capability, and provides reassurance to you the prospective parents. Showing areas of staff’s interests provides an insight into what kind of person our staff are, and helps clarify that they are the type of person you the prospective parents wish to entrust with your children’s development. The section ‘Where I am from’ provides that personal touch where you the prospective parents can draw conclusions about the overall diversity and culture of the EMNL staff team.

We invite you to peruse our staff profiles. We at EMNL are proud of our staff and their achievements, and are sure that you will enjoy reading through them.

Staff Training and development

Kingston Local authority Early Years Continual Professional Development (CPD)

EMNL management have access to Continual Professional Development (CPD) training through the Achieving for Children Training Unit.  EMNL managers regularly attend the Leaders and Managers Meetings with the Early Years team which enables our team to keep abreast of local and national developments.

Staff attend the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training, which is overseen by the Early Years Team in Kingston. EMNL staff are encouraged to attend appropriate Early Years courses, which may further enhance their professional development and enable them to enhance the learning and nurturing development of the children under their tutelage.

Montessori training

At EMNL we are fully committed to the continuous professional development of our staff, giving them opportunities to study both full and part time studies in the field of the Montessori method. These courses take place at MCI (Montessori Centre International), London.

Open University

The Leadership and Management of the nursery is a key focus at EMNL. We believe in maintaining a high standard and continually strive for an innovative and dynamic approach to the day to day running of the nursery. EMNL staff have attended the Open University course in leadership and management.

Elizabeth Wild, Headmistress
Stacey Leitch, Montessori Teacher
Stacey Leitch, Montessori Teacher
Stacey Leitch, Montessori Teacher
Stacey Leitch, Montessori Teacher
Stacey Leitch, Montessori Teacher
Celine Matthews, French Teacher
Angela Jeffery, Dance Teacher
Angela Jeffery, Dance Teacher
Victoria Yankova, Cook

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