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EMNL Philosophy for healthy eating

We are proud that we have been awarded a 5 Star rating for our kitchen and food preparation. This is the highest standard awarded by the Kingston Council Authority for hygiene.

At EMNL, we ensure that all children enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal. We follow seasonal menus, which are overseen by the nursery management. Menus are reviewed and changed on a seasonal basis to ensure a varied and healthy, balanced diet. At EMNL we are fully inclusive of all cultures and religious backgrounds and take this into consideration when we plan our menus.

We offer the children a wide variety of meals, taking into account any dietary requirements and allergies. Staff’s sit down with the children during meal times to ensure the children are encouraged to eat their meals and to reinforce our teaching of table manners. Children are encouraged to be independent by serving their own meals and scrape their plates after they have finished their lunch. The children are given pudding after their lunch, which goes down a real treat! Fresh fruit, milk and water are available throughout the day for snack. We have a group tea in the afternoon, which is a light meal to keep the children satisfied until the end of the nursery session.

With regard to partnership with parents, we often invite parents to offer their input on sharing their ideas about formulating new recipes to add to our weekly menus.

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Our cook, Victoria Yankova

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