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Children being guided in Montessori activities
by staff

Introduction to EMNL

Facilities and Operations

  • We are a full day, privately run nursery.
  • We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.
  • We are open all year round except for bank holidays and one week between Christmas and New Year.
  • We are able to cater for up to 34 children.
  • Our main classroom is over 220 square meters of open space.
  • We have an open door policy.
  • The nursery has an outside area which is used for free flow and is available throughout the day.
  • We have use of an additional large hall, which is used for movement activities and an additional area for free flow.

Leadership and Management

  • The Headmistress Elizabeth has 30 years teaching experience in Montessori methods in England, Ireland, Japan, and Italy. Elizabeth has an AMI Montessori teaching certificate from Sion Hill in Dublin and a Foundation Degree in Montessori Education from University of Greenwich, together with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Years Education and an Early Years Post graduate Practitioner and Leadership qualification, the EYPS.
  • The Headmistress has put strategies in practice to further enhance mentoring for other staff members. This has enabled the manager to become motivational, inspirational and trustworthy in the everyday practice of teaching and leading staff. The children continue to be happy and thrive in the environment due to this.
  • The staff look at the children as the core of the nursery and approach learning opportunities with creativity.
  • The staff work as a team, supervised by a manager and are given continuous support. All staff put forward new ideas for the environment, equipment and activities for children.
  • Staff attend continual professional development (CPD) training and complete regular appraisals with the Headmistress & manager.
  • There is constant discussion between staff and an open door policy for parents and staff.

Risk and Care

  • Our policy planning is geared to exceed staff to child government ratios, and they are always adhered to. We practice ongoing risk assessments to ensure the nursery remains in ratio.
  • Staff follow a duty rota which ensures all children are cared for and overseen throughout the day.
  • Children enjoy breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in the setting, together with healthy snacks and drinks, where appropriate diets are tailored to the child’s needs and requirements.
  • Meals are prepared in our own kitchen by our own chef.

Children’s well being, helping them feel emotionally secure, and ensuring children are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy

  • The nursery has a three day settling in policy to reassure both children and parents. This policy is flexible and settling in can be extended to meet the needs of the child.
  • Children’s needs are considered in planning for development issues such as potty training, a new sibling etc.
  • The child is assigned a key worker who will help the child settle in and is the child’s link to the environment.
  • Children are presented with Montessori materials relating to their interests and stage of development. Staff are encouraged to work with all children in the setting. We value the key person and key child’s relationship, this enables the child to feel happy and safe and to ask for help if needed.
  • Throughout the day, the children are able to have fruit. The children wash their hands and serve their own snack. In the case of two year olds, there is a set snack time scheduled.
  • A physical activity is planned during the day so that children can join in physical games either inside or outside the environment, with regular visits to local parks.
  • After lunch, the children are encouraged to brush their teeth before getting ready to go home or before rest time.
  • The Montessori method encourages independence which helps the children transition to local schools.
  • Teachers from the schools the children move on to, are invited to visit the nursery to help the children become familiar with their new teachers.

Educational Programmes

  • We follow a Montessori ethos and adopt Montessori methods which are all inclusive. We use Montessori equipment in our classrooms delivered by experienced Montessori teachers.
  • We also follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and have received a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.
  • We have received a recent series of ‘Excellent’ reports from Kingston local authority ‘Early Years’ department.
  • We deliver the EYFS curriculum with staff qualified to degree level in ‘Early years’ education.
  • We run a ‘two year old’ program which encourages the younger children to feel more confident in the nursery. This programme is beneficial to ‘English as an additional Language’ (EAL) children as in it offers opportunities to increase vocabulary, as well as making it a comfortable transition into the larger spectrum of our Montessori environment.
  • We incorporate the 'STARS' programme, which addresses social and emotional issues that children may have. This approach utilises concrete representational methods, such as the use of puppets, to help children resolve conflict resolution and develop social skills.

STARS Program

  • While all parents want their children to learn to read and write etc. it is only recently that the importance of social skills has been recognised. Good social skills are essential to supporting children’s learning. This programme teaches social skills in a systematic way.
  • These skills start to develop early, so it is important to encourage the development of a range of social behaviour in the early years.
  • For young children the skills are:
  • Basic skills: such as making eye contact when talking to people, listening without interrupting, understanding and following simple rules.
  • Complex skills: such as identifying how other people are feeling and responding sensitively, expressing their own needs appropriately without being aggressive.
  • These skills enable children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults. As a result, they develop a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Children who have difficulty developing and using social skills may be disruptive or become withdrawn.

About STARS:

  • 'STARS' will help your child to develop basic social skills. These skills are taught through story telling, songs, games and role-play, using puppets. The sessions run for a minimum of five weeks and each session lasts no more than 20 minutes.
  • Each session introduces a skill, which will be built on each week. The skills taught are:
  1. Greeting people.
  2. Speaking and listening.
  3. Taking turns.
  4. Asking for help.
  • STARS will support your child in developing appropriate social skills. The development of these skills will help to prepare your child for their school years and beyond. Tracey Pittendrigh runs the STARS programme with the three and four year old children.

Staff Expertise and Qualifications:

  • The nursery employs both Montessori and Early Years Foundation Stage trained staff.
  • All staff hold relevant qualifications and attend additional training courses on a regular basis.
  • Two of the staff hold Post-Graduate Early Years Professional Status. Four hold Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Early Years Education. Four of the Staff hold Montessori Certificates with a combined 60 years of teaching in the Montessori way across Europe, Asia and Africa. Other members of staff have a minimum of NVQ level 3 in Early Years Foundation Stage, and are currently studying for Montessori qualifications.
  • Staff attend new training courses on a regular basis
  • Additional Staff include a French Teacher, Sports Stars staff & our excellent cook Victoria.

Your Child’s Learning and Development

  • Elizabeth’s Montessori Nursery promotes holistic development for children, including mind, body and soul. It embodies inner discipline through the work cycle and adequate use of the Montessori materials.
  • The Montessori materials and work cycle are linked with the Early Years Foundation Stage structure.
  • In order to understand the needs of the children, we carry out observations. Permission is obtained from parents in order to document these observations.
  • Each child is assigned a key worker, the key worker plans for each child and prepares both Montessori records and the child’s progress according to the Development Matters document.
  • After your child has settled into the EMNL environment, we hold a consultation with parents or carers concerning your child’s learning, interests, and any areas of concerns that may arise. This usually occurs around three months of your child joining the nursery, and may be earlier according to the individual needs of the child.
  • Key workers consult with parents on a regular basis to keep both the parents updated of their child’s progress.
  • Group circle time activities are planned according to the children’s next steps in development. The activities are evaluated to indicate whether activities have been successful.
  • Monthly staff meetings are held on the premises to discuss various issues relating to the children and their needs.

Observing and Monitoring Your Child’s Progress

  • Each child is allocated a ‘key person’ member of staff, who helps the child settle in and works closely with their allocated key children, monitoring progress etc.
  • We have daily communication books for children where observations of children’s activities are recorded during each session. In this way continual and regular updates of children’s progress and interests are monitored and captured.
  • Children’s interests are noted by staff through the observation process.
  • Children are invited to share their views and items of interest from home.

Partnership with Parents

  • Learning Journeys provide a link between children, parents and key workers. This enables better communication, which helps in the learning and development of the children.
  • Coffee mornings offer an opportunity for discussions from parents in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Monthly newsletters sent to parents via email.
  • The nursery took into consideration parent’s views about birthday treats and put a new policy in place to encourage healthy treats.
  • Parents are encouraged to contribute a selection of their tried and tested recipes which they found to be successful in their own home.
Children at play with Lego
Children being guided in Montessori activities by staff
Children being guided in Montessori activities by staff
Children being guided in Montessori activities by staff
Our main hall
Our main hall

Children at play with Lego

Our main hall

The STARS program

The STARS program
The STARS program

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