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Diddi Dance

Extra-Curricular Activities and Special Events

  • We hold an annual Fun/Sports day in June,
  • We hold an annual concert in December.
  • The children who attend the nursery come from different countries and cultures. The nursery plans celebrations according to what is relevant to the children who attend.
  • Yoga
  • Music & movement
  • French Lessons
  • Diddi Dance
  • Baking lessons and visits to restaurants;
  • Animal Visits are made on a termly basis and children are introduced to a range of animals by experienced trainers.
  • People in the community; visits are made by Fireman, Police, Ambulance and, Library services to demonstrate their roles to the children.
  • Parent occupation and cultural interaction; Parents give presentations about their jobs and their cultural backgrounds to the children.
  • Arts and Crafts; children engage in many different forms of art and craft making every day.

Christmas concert

Elizabeth Montessori Nursery holds an annual Winter/Christmas medley, At the end of last year this was held on the 6th of December the medley includes singing, games, a visit from Father Christmas and a party with a ‘bring and share lunch’. The staff planned songs and poems according to the children’s interest and abilities, taking into account all children’s religious beliefs and backgrounds. Their favourite song this year was most definitely Jingle bells, where the 2-year old’s enjoyed playing the bells for the duration of the song.  We practised our Medley 3 mornings a week and the songs were given to the children to take home to practise with family.  On the day of the medley, the children arrived at nursery dressed in Christmas/Festive costumes that they were given the opportunity to choose. Parents were invited to come and watch their children on this special day and were also encouraged to join in with familiar Christmas tunes. Programmes containing song lyrics unfamiliar to parents were provided for their participation in our special Christmas medley. This format enables children to feel more settled and confident during this occasion.  After the singing, the children enjoyed a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’ and ‘what is in the box’ for the little ones.   Father Christmas (played by our director, Nigel) made a big entrance and greeted all the children and were told to make their way to his chair to collect their presents. After the games and meeting Father Christmas, the children, parents and teachers came together for a ‘bring and share’ Christmas lunch.





Visits from the wider community

The children enjoy visits from people in different professional backgrounds. We receive visits from policemen, doctors, veterinarians, Zoolab and Wild Science. These visits encourage the children to learn more about the world around them. Children form positive relationships with members of the community such as the fire fighters who brought a fire engine for the children to see. The children develop a richer understanding of the different professions and roles of people who help us.


Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement. It gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Children that have healthy body awareness are more confident and strong, have better posture, breathe better, and have a sense of quiet strength.

Yoga Benefits

Develop body awareness

Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way

Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement

Build concentration

Increase their confidence and positive self-image

Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group

Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices


Music and Movement

Music and movement activities are integrated into the daily routine at EMNL. The children are exposed to different types of music and are encouraged to interpret songs through movement. The children learn songs and poems which help broaden their vocabulary. Singing in a group will help the children develop their confidence whilst having fun. The nursery provides a range of musical instruments for the children to explore.

Here are skills that music and movement can help develop:

1. Participating in a group

2. Social skills

3. Express emotions

4. Enhance self concept by sharing music and dance of each other’s culture

5. Refine listening skills‐noticing changes in tempo or pitch

6. Awareness of movement and body positions

7. Creativity and imagination

8. Learn new words and concepts

9. Explore cause and effect

10. Develop large motor skills

11. Improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dance and movement activities

12. Improve small motor skills learning finger play and playing musical instruments.

Diddi Dance classes

Diddi dance classes are designed to help your child enhance their co-ordination and rhythm. We are here to nurture their natural love of movement in a structured yet relaxed class. Classes are suitable for both boys and girls. We use ribbons and hoops to help them get the most from each funky Diddi dance track as well as other fun props which change with each dance theme, of which we cover 16 such as salsa, hip hop, tap and disco so they also learn about lots of music and dance styles as well as having tons of fun! - See more at the link below.

Angela Jeffery is our Diddi Dance teacher, and runs weekly music classes at EMNL every Monday morning between the hours of 11:00-12:00pm. This is broken down to two sessions which adheres to the children’s abilities. The first half hour caters for the older age group (11:00-11:30) and the second half hour caters for the younger children (11:30-12:00). The children thoroughly enjoy engaging in these classes and parents in turn are equally impressed with their children’s enthusiasm of participation and the learning outcomes of these classes.



Celine is a native French Teacher from Aix en Provence and she will inspire your child in a fun, creative and friendly environment. She has 21 years experience teaching both children and adults. Her passion is her love for languages. Celine is very enthusiastic and has structured these lessons with the emphasis on learning through play, musical games, songs and dance but mainly for the benefit of gaining a joyful grounding to help for the coming years at school. She has been teaching at EMNL for eight years.

You can visit MA PETITE ECOLE on facebook: French school ma petite Ecole

Merci et a bientot.


The children enjoying making their own snacks or puddings. All dietary needs and allergies are accounted for. The baking has included pizza, muffins, pancakes and sandwiches to name but a few.

Library Visit's

Elizabeth’s Montessori Nursery works closely with the staff at Surbiton Library to provide opportunities to enrich the children’s learning. On 4th September 2015, the three and four year old children went on a special outing to the library on Ewell Road in Surbiton. The library was opened especially for the EMNL children to listen to a story-time session. Permission was obtained from parents for all children of three years and older to visit the library. The nursery adheres to a strict ratio of one adult to two children for outings. Parent volunteers joined nursery staff to walk with the children to the library. A backup plan was in place to take a bus in case of bad weather. Permission was also given by parents if the children needed to take the bus. The children were excited to go to the library and were happy to see the librarian once they arrived. The librarian read stories to the children, encouraging them to join in. A wide variety of stories were read, including stories relating to our learning topic of Music. All the children chose a library book to take back to the nursery which they placed on the display table to access at any time of the day.  The children will go to the library in the future to return borrowed books and choose new stories to enjoy. In order for the two year old children to have a literary experience and learn about the role of a librarian, the nursery arranges frequent visits from the librarian. We also encourage parents to come in and spend some time reading stories to the children. This trip was a roaring success with the children and has encouraged a love of books and reading, so much so that children have asked to return to the library with their parents.

Sports Day

The EMNL Sports Day is held in the summer term, and after the sports events, children and parents enjoy a huge picnic lunch provided by all our nursery parents.  This is a major social occasion for all our parents, staff and children connecting with the nursery. The event is held at St. Andrew’s Square Park. All children are invited to attend this event and are joined by their parents. A few weeks prior to the Sports Day, children practise a range of activities such as an egg and spoon race, sack race and relay. The Sports Day starts off with a welcome from the teachers and a few songs to settle the children into the day and bring the children and parents together. Parents, teachers and children alike participate in the welcome initiation through engaging in action songs and singing familiar songs. The children are then split into groups according to their abilities and enjoy games guided by the teachers.

Diddi Dance


Librarian visit

Sports day

Children's art

Librarian visit
Sports day
Children's art
Children's art

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