Engagement with parents

Coffee mornings

We have two coffee mornings per month.  One entails parents meeting socially outside the Nursery environment at the local YMCA in Surbiton.  This gives parents an chance to socialise and as their children are also invited this gives opportunities to organise play dates.

The second coffee morning takes place towards the end of the same month. This happens at the Nursery and gives parents an opportunity to observe Montessori presentation.


Parent/Teacher Meetings

At EMNL we work closely with parents to support children in their development. We believe parents are their child’s first teachers and greatest role models.  We have an open door policy at EMNL and encourage parents to speak to staff about any changes their child might be experiencing or any areas their child might need support. Staff (key persons) arrange regular meetings with parents for their key children in order to best support children’s learning and development. We keep parents updated concerning their child’s holistic Montessori development. This encompasses the areas of emotional, physical, mathematical, language, and cultural, sensorial and creative development. Parents are invited to observe their children carrying out the Montessori activities. Parents may also view their child’s ‘Learning Journey’, which diarises the child’s experiences at home as well as at nursery in the form of written observations and photographic examples of their family life experiences outside of the nursery.

At EMNL we do not hold annual parent teacher conferences. Meetings with parents are arranged as needed. This partnership helps support children both at home and within the nursery environment.

EYFS Integrated two-year old check

In January 2016, the EYFS introduced a new form of assessment for two year olds, the ‘Integrated two year old check’. A health visitor completes a two year olds development check. In line with information sharing, we ask that parents share this check with the nursery. This helps us have a holistic view of the child and helps support the child in all areas of development. In line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), a two-year check is completed at nursery for each child, between the time the child is two and two and a half. The child’s key-worker observes the child over a period of four weeks (see two year old routine for EMNL and Parents) and writes a summary about the child, taking into account the seven areas of learning as per the EYFS. The child’s key-worker explains how the child has settled, any particular interests the child has and any areas of support that may have been identified during a meeting with the child's parents.

EYFS Integrated Two-Year Old Progress Report; A Three-Step Process

Annual report on children’s development for transition to school

Parents receive an annual report, detailing their child's stage of development, interests and next steps for learning. The child's keyworker gathers detailed observations of the child throughout the year, which are used to complete the report. The report provides a detailed picture for the parents of their child's learning and development at nursery, covering all seven areas of development as per the EYFS Development Matters in a Montessori format.

(Refer to website section: What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)). The report is a statutory requirement, which is forwarded on to the child’s school when they leave EMNL.

Annual report

Social Evenings with Parents

Periodically social evenings are arranged by parents to take place in local venues. These events serve to provide opportunities for EMNL staff and parents to get together and have some fun.


Our newsletter is distributed on a regular basis and informs parents of all the current activities that are taking place.


Parent and child
Parent and children
Parents at a coffee morning
Parents and child
Parent and child

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