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Policies and Procedures
Elizabeth's Montessori Nursery Ltd

The nursery will operate by following the relevant policy and procedure documents. These documents will be kept in the main classroom and will be made available for parents to view on request. These documents will be seen as working documents and will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

The aim of the nursery is to provide a safe, caring environment, maintaining the best care for their emotional and physical security as well as providing the children with the opportunity to become socially adept at the appropriate developmental stage. We aim to make learning, an enjoyable, exciting and challenging experience through the Montessori Method of education in conjunction with the opportunity to learn through play and activities to their maximum potential. Thus giving a firm foundation for many happy learning years ahead.

We provide a well planned and organised environment. All staff are to make unobtrusive but regular observations of the children. This will be done on a group and individual basis and records are kept of each child’s progress. These are important to enable the staff to monitor each child and constantly offer the most appropriate activities to their stage of development and current interest.

Please view our our Policies and Procedures documents through the tab on the right.

Child working with frog puzzle from the Cultural area

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