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Art work materials

Creative learning environments and technology

Creative Development

"A child's hand becomes a means of communication, and, as we see, just as a child is continuously speaking, so he draws. He expresses himself with his vocal chords and with his hand, showing latent tendencies of which he himself is still unconscious." Maria Montessori Pearson, The Discovery of the Child, Chapter 20, p.283 (2007). At EMNL, the children's creative development is encouraged through a variety of activities. Art materials are prepared, which take into account the children's stages of development and interests. Each activity is tailor made to engage and challenge the children, differentiating between the stages of development for each child. Imagination is nurtured and encouraged in the ‘Home Corner’, which is set up according to different themes, including a kitchen, doctor's surgery and post office.

Creative learning environments in the Nursery

1. Home corner – the role play area is set up on a weekly basis with themes which may relate to our current topic or something of particular interest to the children at the time, for example, a home, the doctors surgery, an office, the music shop.

Home cornerHome corner

2. Tough spot – this is used for imaginary play and may contain animals/animal habitats, insects, cars. We rotate on a weekly basis between this and the sand tray.

Tough spot

4. Children’s Gallery – Some examples of past art activities the children have enjoyed.

Children’s Gallery

Children’s display Boards

5. Display Board – Children contribute work to the displays relating to the working topic.

Display Board

7. Seasons Board – A picture related to each season with an arrow to indicate the current season.

Seasons Board

Technology at EMNL and its educational uses

So what is a touch screen computer?

Touch screen computerA touch screen computer is an advanced technology that engages children, allowing them to document processes with their fingers. We have two Leapfrog tablets at the nursery which are available for the children to use. What is written, drawn and created on the computer appears instantly. The children can develop social, emotional and technological skills through use of a touch screen computer, as well as developing fine-motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. Children are able to create, as well as edit and alter, continuously learning about graphics, design, and modern processes. The benefits are profound. Children collaborate more, swap ideas, help each other and enhance their language skills.

  • Children are inspired and delighted by using the touch-screen computers.
  • They love the interactive nature of the Leapfrog.
  • They enhance their fine motor skills, speech and language, reading and writing, number skills, memory and social development, and IT skills.
  • The visual presentation, interesting graphics and sound, and immediate feedback enables the children to learn and explore at their own pace.

Touch screen computers can be used to support many aspects of development:

  • Curiosity and problem-solving skills
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Skills in using tools, equipment, software and materials
  • Critical thinking through exploration and discovery
  • Searching and retrieving information
  • Making connections between specialist skills

Some technology FAQs

Isn't using touch-screen computer an isolating experience?

At EMNL we believe in holistic education. Whereas real play develops all sorts of social skills within children, a touch-screen computer allows a child to interact and learn on a whole new level.

How long should children be in front of a touch-screen computer at nursery?

We ensure that there is rotation using the Leapfrog tablets by using a sand-timer, this limits the time spent and ensures equal opportunities for all children.

What sort of activities do the children get up to on the touch-screen computers?

The children enjoy a range of games which develop social skills, mathematics and literacy. The games are carefully selected by the nursery manager to ensure their suitability for the children.

Do these computers have cameras?

The computers do have cameras but the computer is not connected to any networks and cannot be accessed remotely. Photo’s are deleted on a weekly basis.

How do we ensure the children’s safety?

The Leapfrog has a built-in parental control which ensures the children have no access to the internet and unsuitable content.

At what age does computer teaching start?

Our lives are surrounded by technology, the sooner an individual gains confidence in the use of technology, the easier it is for them to adapt to technology in our day to day lives.

Are you planning on introducing a system where in house cameras can be viewed online for parents to watch their children’s activities in the nursery?

We have no plans to introduce such a system, at EMNL children’s safety is our highest priority and for this reason will not introduce such a system.

If you have any questions about the use of technology in our nursery please contact us
on 020 8399 1679.

Display board British Values

Display board Paintings

Display board Winter

Display board World Languages

Birthday Board
Art work materials
Art work materials
Art work materials
Display board British Values
Display board Paintings
Display board Winter
Display board World Languages

3. Messy play – This is a different activity each day. Here children have the opportunity to explore play-dough, shaving foam/gel, pasta, rice etc.

Messy play

6. Birthday Board – Each child has their photograph placed in the balloon for their birthday month.

Art work materials
Art work materials
Teachers working with children & Montessori learning materials
Teachers working with children & Montessori learning materials
Teachers working with children & Montessori learning materials
Teachers working with children & Montessori learning materials

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